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Authorization of chromium trioxide (EC 215-607-8; CAS 1333-82-0)

The CTACSub Consortium (CTAC Submission Consortium) is pleased to announce that ECHA’s Committees for RISK Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) have recommended in September 2016 that the European Commission (Commission) grant the authorizations for continuation of the 6 uses of chromium trioxide (see table 1) applied for by the members of the CTAC Submission Consortium, on the basis that the socio economic benefits of continued use outweigh the health and environmental risks thereof.

Table 1 The Joint Application includes all uses of the CTAC dossier

No. of the use

description of the use

requested period of authorization

recommended by RAC/SEAC


Formulation of mixtures

12 years and more

7 years


Functional Chrome Plating

12 years

7 years


Functional chrome plating with decorative character

7 years

4 years


Surface treatment for applications in the aeronautics and aerospace industries, unrelated to Functional chrome plating or Functional chrome plating with decorative character

12 years

7 years


Surface treatment (except passivation of tin-plated steel (ETP)) for applications in various industry sectors namely architectural, automotive, metal manufacturing and finishing, and general engineering (unrelated to Functional chrome plating or Functional chrome plating with decorative character)

7 years

4 years


Passivation of tin-plated steel (ETP)

4 years

4 years

The Commission is now actively working on the draft authorization Decisions, which will have to be agreed with the EU Member States. As no legal deadline is provided for the Commission to issue its final Decisions, and given previous experience on other authorization files, it is possible that the authorization Decisions may not be issued before the Sunset Date of September 21, 2017.

However, in case of delay, Art. 58(1)(c)(ii) REACH provides that downstream users supplied directly or indirectly by the applicants may continue their uses beyond the Sunset Date until the Commission will have decided on the authorizations. Please note though that such continued use is only permitted in as far as the uses are within the remit of the authorization applied for.

The CTACSub Consortium together with several European and national downstream user and article manufacturer trade federations has published a series of good practice / task sheets which illustrate in an easy comprehensible form the risk management measures and operational conditions recommended to be applied by downstream users for the uses of chromium trioxide within the remit of the CTACSub Consortium. These sheets are available on under 'Substances'.

September 2017